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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  May 22, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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america's streets, and believe it or not in most places, it's perfectly legal. chris hanson reports. and then how you satisfy your cravings without eating a more sul. hats off, but on the block. a wedding bonnet that caused a world wild stir is on the auction block. good morning. let's get to what is happening right now. new this morning, a new interview with president obama airing on the bbc a short time ago with his approach to pakistan and terrorists. >> i have always been clear to the pakistanis, and i am not the first administration to say this, that our job is to secure the united states. we are very respectful of the sovereignty of pakistan, but we cannot allow somebody that is actively planning to kill our
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people, or our allies people, we cannot allow those kinds of active plans to come to fruition without us taking action. >> this interview comes ahead of the president's tour to europe in the g-8 summit. mike, first up we have the president giving a speech this morning. who is he talking to. >> reporter: this is a well known lobby here advancing israel's lobby here in the united states. the president was there as a candidate back in 2008. president's often go and speak to the group, and benjamin netanyahu, the man who had the meeting that became controversial will be speaking on friday. and then alex, it will be
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interesting to see what kind of reception obama gets here. after the controversial meeting with netanyahu and the remarks that followed, they said the basis should be mutually agreed upon land swaps with their borders. that went over like a led balloon. prime minister netanyahu said the boundaries would be indefensible in a literal sense, and he said the idea of a right of return to palestinians who have been away from generations into israel is not going to happen. so he flatly rejected that idea as well. what kind of reception will the president get? he goes on to europe late tonight for a week-long trip there. >> he will be going to -- i am looking at the map. he starts in ireland, correct?
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>> reporter: yes, he lands in ireland tomorrow morning, and goes on to england, france and then poland. there will be a lot of economic focus here. nobody needs to be reminded of the crisis faced in greece and ireland and even in portugal and spain. and a lot of people concerned about what appears to be a stalemate there on the ground. and then obviously, afghanistan, alex, as the president prepares to begin a drawdown of american forces in two months. >> thank you, mike. we will bring you the speech to apac live when it appears in the next hour. >> and then governor mitch daniels says he will not seek the nomination as president. he said he will not run because he wants to protect his family's privacy. joining me life, cheryl, good morning to you.
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your reaction from the news that came overnight? >> a bit of a surprise. mitch daniels had been thinking it over for weeks now, and some people thought he was going to get into the race for presidency, and he sent a message early that he was not going to do it, and the reasons were his family. his family vetoed it, and he could not, quote, overrule them. >> let's talk about who we know is not running for president. haley barbour, and mike bu huckabee, and why are they boeing out? >> mike buckhuckabee said he dit have the fire in the belly. and mississippi governor, haily
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barb he said it was not the right time, but we got word from some of his aides he felt he was not the right candidate to defeat barack obama. >> and let's talk about michelle bachmann and sarah palin getting yesterdayy to get moves. who do you think might pose the biggest challenge to president obama? >> gosh. it's a tough one. that's a really tough one to answer at this point in the cycle. overnight we had a guy that many thought could be the candidate to defeat barack obama says he's not going to do it. the field is so influx right now. and people get into the race or get out right now. we expect the field to be set in the next couple months. that said, there are tiers of candidates that are better than
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others. i think governor romney and pawlenty are probably in the front. and watch david gregorys on "meet the press" when it airs right here on msnbc. today the guests will include paul ryan as you see right there. take a look at this scene from lakeside, kansas. and at least one person is dead from the small town of redding, kansas, and many injured as a result of the string of storms. 200 homes destroyed from the violent weather. and look at this video from a tornado touching down in oklahoma last night. >> there are power lines right here! >> there were no injuries or significant damage reported from that storm. let's get the latest now from mike bettes who is in kansas
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city. >> reporter: kansas and oklahoma, ground zero for a barrage of more tornados. 20 tornados were reported across tornado alley on saturday making it the single most tornado day since back in late april. this one causing one fatality in redding, kansas, as storms popped up right and left here. and more storms could be very likely today again, targeting even larger metro areas. that could mean chicago all the way down through missouri again. and then back down toward oklahoma city. and now that the season seems to be active more than ever, the tensions are high as you might imagine. the images, quite vivid yesterday. we could see more of those scenes today. in kansas city, missouri, i am mike bettes, and alex, back to you. >> thank you. and joining us live with the
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latest. good morning to you. >> already busy this morning, alex, in places where mike bettes is not. this is central arkansas and some of the major metropolitan areas like little rock and memphis getting severe thunderstorms. and gusty winds inside the severe thunderstorm watch. and severe thunderstorm warnings, i guess that's the good news. the bad news is heavy rain and gusting winds, but no tornadoes anticipated. and then isolated cells headed towards lafayette. you heard mike mention chicago. later today this is an area where we could see stronger storms get into the afternoon. two inches of rain in a short period of time here out of cross parts of arkansas, and further to the north, scattered showers around. and then you see the spin there, and flooding could be a threat
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here. and then you could see a couple inches of rain through northern minnesota. more showers and thunder and lightning coming in and going north and heading towards international falls, and the busier weather continuing now. and then here it comes, syracuse and through the finger lakes region. and then cleveland, you are going to see showers and thundershowers today. and then here is the best chance of seeing hail and damaging winds and tornado in the area of where mike and dr. forbes will be in the center of the u.s. we will continue to monitor the situation as more severe weather is in the forecast. >> okay, thank you for the update. the flooding on the mississippi river continues today, however at lower levels than expected. officials pushed back the mandatory evacuation two days now, and part of the mississippi rifr is closed to commercial
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river after three barges sank in the river. as soon as the barges are recovered, they will re-open the mississippi. and then increasing popular with deadly consequences. "dateline"'s chris hanson has a report that you have to see coming up. and then under house arrest. you will see why the former imf leader could be on the move again. it's a missed deadline that is disappointing doomsday believers. you're watching "msnbc sunday."
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new this morning, the disgraced former chief on the move again.
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dominique strauss-kahn's temporarily new york city apartment. it's a temporary apartment. why is that and where might he go from there? >> reporter: good morning, alex. that's a question a lot of new yorkers are asking, because wherever he goes there is likely to be the crush of media that we are seeing outside here, and a lot of trourists are coming out and taking pictures. why that's an apartment he was supposed to go to didn't work out, because the residents didn't want him. he can stay here three or four days and sthen has to move into a more permanent location. when he does get where he is going, he will have to have the armed guard 24 hours a day, and the security cameras and alarms on the doors, and an ankle monitoring bracelet. among some of the most stringent bail released symptoms, it's
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being compared to madoff's arrest. strauss-kahn is paying for it himself. >> does he have to be out of there by a certain date? >> reporter: well, the judge said three or four days, so by our calculation that puts the deadline at tuesday. it will be the judge's discretion, and it's unclear if he doesn't find a place to go the judge will let him stay longer. by tuesday he will have to stay here and find something else and a lot of new yorkers saying not in my backyard. >> thank you. well yesterday was supposed to be the end of the world, and we're all still here. and maybe the pastor who predicted the rapture should go
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back and check his notes. >> reporter: nothing out of the ordinary happened. that was the prediction of an oakland, california, pastor, camping. >> it will begin when a huge earthquake in probably on the other side of the world where the day begins. >> and on the other side of the world in the philippines, campings' followers waited and again, nothing happened. >> there is a long history of people making prophetic statements about the end of the world, and harold camping is just in a long line of failures. >> reporter: it's easy to make fun of the doomsday business. people had a field day in the social media posting pictures and videos of empty suits. on twitter, these comments. this is my first rap chur. i am trying to figure out what
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to wear. and people are making rapture jokes. the tsunami, a nuclear disaster in japan, and the on slot of tornados in the south. all of those floods in the mississippi, and disasters of biblical proportions. the movie "2012" is on what some believe is a doomsday prediction based on the mayan callen dur. >> i think it's important to watch out for people who were in the midst of the group that they don't harm themselves or others. >> and then another religious leader, jim jones and how he led his followers to commit mass suicide in guyana. nobody is saying that will happen this time, but those that
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cashed in their life savings with the warning the world would end are probably crushed. justin timberlake and lady gaga appeared on "saturday night live." >> you don't know me. i saw your monster show, and i hung out by the stage door? >> alfonze! >> how did you remember him? >> he said he loved my music. you don't forget something like that. >> gau gau was the musical star. she sang her songs "judice," and
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mike tyson's tattoo artist is suing for copy right. i asked you to weigh in on twitter. some of you said the artist doesn't have a shot. just looking for payday. and then charlie says some people are so sensitive and whiny. and then i think wb set the whole thing up to get publicity. i have to ask you if they would do that? thank you for the responses and keep them coming. we will read more of them, so tweet me.
9:25 am
and then a game changer for chick flicks. good morning. >> good morning, alex. >> do you think warner brothers would do that? curious about that? >> i don't think so. i think "the hangover" will be the biggest movie of the summer, but you never know. >> anyway, let's talk about the "pirates of the caribbean," the fourth installment that opened on friday. not this popular, right? >> $91.5 million is nothing to sneeze at at opening weekend. they wanted $114 million, which is what the third one brought. this franchise brought in $2.6 billion worldwide. i will not say it's a failure.
9:26 am
a slow start, but not anywhere near a failure. >> just looking at him. >> dajohnny depp can do no wron. >> what about ""bride maids." >> this is a huge film. $60 million in 20 days. and these women are amazing. they are in their late 30s and early 40s, and they're saying these are the women we want to represent. this movie is a game changer for hollywood. the gate keepers in hollywood did not think that a movie with ensemble of women could make it. >> a lot of people describe it
9:27 am
as a chick's version of "the hangover." >> it's really representative of where women are at today. starting their own businesses and getting married later. and there are interesting dynamics between women and the movie. melissa mccarthy is a self-sufficient woman and tells it like it is, and she's absolutely amazing. we will see a lot more from her. >> and i think nick is the one that put this one in, and he wants to talk about jennifer aniston in "horrible bosses." >> she is -- nick, i don't blame you for wanting to talk about this. jennifer aniston looks gorgeous, dark hair, and there is some talk that she may have a topless scene. >> that's why. okay. >> yeah, and she's going against character and playing a horrible boss, and she's playing somebody that abuses her assistant. and it's being touted as the next "hangover," and jason
9:28 am
bateman in it, and it's supposed to be very funny. it's opening on july 8th. nick, can you get your tickets. >> yeah, and a formula that seems to be working. thank you, amy. >> thank you. it was a hat that turned a lot of heads, and it could be yours. but you better open your wallet, and we'll explain that for that hat on "msnbc sunday." ♪
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[ male announcer ] in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america.
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9:32 am
republican of go. police used tear-gas on those that tried to destroy a vehicle. back in this country, minnesota state legislators approved a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. voters will not get their say until next year. and center fielder marlin byrd, a nasty cash. and then aipac. and the speech kicks off a busy week for the president, including a trip to europe. and joining me now is ab stoddard. >> good morning, alex. >> we have the president speaking at aipac, and then is this going to be a tougher crowd today than usual, do you think? >> interesting timing that
9:33 am
president obama chose when he knew the prime minister was coming to town and he would be speaking at aipac to surprise the israelis with the controversial speech on thursday. i imagine, alex, at the meeting today he will focus on his remarks from thursday that pleased the israelis about reiterating the u.s. has an unshakeable commitment to israel, and that he seeks a nonmilitary palestinian state, and he will continue to push again, try to block a vote in the u.n. in september for a palestinian state and he continues to be skeptical about the palestinian alliance with hamas, questioning whether that alliance could really lead to -- produce legitimate negotiations between the palestinians and the israelis. i think he will probably stick to those remarks that please the israelis. as you know, the prime minister said that this call for a return
9:34 am
to the pre 1967 border is a nonstarter, and the israelis have not trusted barack obama for a long time, before thursday's announcement. if it's anything less than tense i will be surprised. >> and then the president heads to europe to attend the g-8 summit, and a lot has changed since his last trip there. the new instability in the mideast, and africa. >> i think the economy is always the number one topic of conversation, and the economies in europe and elsewhere are suffering as well. he will focus on that the most. and he is going to be talk with nato allies with the stalemate with the mate yoe mission in libya, a big problem.
9:35 am
prospects for pulling troops out of afghanistan. and there is going to be focus in japan as well and discussion about nuclear safety and climate change, and there is the possibility, of course, that along the way he will be discussing with other leaders the selection of a new imf chief. >> yeah. before i let you go, can you ask, were you surprised by governor mitch daniels' decision not to run? >> i was surprised because he seemed to be tilling towards a run. i would imagine if a family would veto a run, it would have been a while ago. i am surprised in the end he would not do it because he was flirting heavy, but it shakes up the field in a big way and a lot of people are very disappointed. moderator david gregory talks to paul ryan on "meet the
9:36 am
press." you will find out what he has to say today at 2:00 p.m. eastern right here on "msnbc sunday." nato forces continue to pound at select targets in libya. and after recent strikes by royal air force fighters, a number of vessels damaged and half sunk in the port of trip i tripoli. with a good sunday morning to you, lee, what is the scene there? have things calmed down at all? >> reporter: not really, alex. there was more nato bombing overnight. this was hitting colonel gadhafi's compound. it's a sprawling compound that has been repeatedly hit over and over again. and then it comes after nato started to hit a set of new targets, and that's gadhafi's warships. nato attacked at least nine
9:37 am
different ships in three different ports. most of them were in tripoli. one of them sunk and a couple had large holes in the hulls. and the libyan government insists these are coast guard vessels that they use for search and rescue, and nato disagree saying the ships posed a threat to the ships in the mediterranean, and may have been helping and were out of port. and the libyan government denies that. since the attacks have been made, officials in triple trip owy. >> they said the fuel could be used for military purposes. it's not that the targets are
9:38 am
widened, but instead of adjusting things from the air, they are also now going after whatever forces that colonel gadhafi may have left that he could use on the seas as well. >> thank you very much. well, despite concern about damage to its heat shield, nasa is giving the space shuttle the all-clear for the return to earth. the video shows damage to be only a few inches wide and less than an inch deed and thus no threat to the craft. it's due back on earth on june 1st. and parents at one elementary school are not pleased. a hard core porn exhibit have gone up across the street, and some easily visible from the sidewalk. they called the police, and the gallery owner says he only shows art that only shows a message. >> what is the message here?
9:39 am
the guy with the woman's foot in his mouth? >> that's a fetish thing. >> and the collar? >> a slave thing. >> he says when the kids walk by, he does his best to block their view. just move them in the back, pal. now, this could be yours, but you will have to come up with serious cash. you will not believe how much it's going for on ebay. and we have the detailed from london. there is a bidding frenzy out there? >> alex, it's incredible. it has become one of the most watched auctions in ebay history. in six hour's time that hat will be sold to the highest bidder. ten days ago it started at $8,000, and today $131,000. at one point, there were nine bidders and now it's down to three. nobody has put a bid in for
9:40 am
several hours. so perhaps it's going to get more intense closer to the end. >> who gets the money? >> two charities. one is unicef, and the other is children in crisis. both charities are for vulnerable children. she is an ambassador for children in crisis. this is her way to making a contribution to that work. and she wants to raise as much money as possible, and she hopes whoever buys it will have as much fun with the hat that she has. >> you can wear it or not or frame it. what is somebody going to do with the hat once they buy it? >> your guess is as good as mine. there's no denying there is a sensation. there are spoof pictures of it. it launched multiple facebook clubs. it's the most famous and bizarre
9:41 am
hat. made an appearance at the wedding of the century. it's described on the website as a unique skculptural head piece. and he is a man that made it, a designer to the stars. it's a statement piece. just depends on what kind of statement you want to be making, al al alex. >> i guess so. in a moment, losing weight just by imagining you are eating your favorite junk food. but doesn't that make you want to indulge? that's coming up. aaah!
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9:45 am
a thief, not once but twice this week. two neighbors have alsoad their gas stolen. since then the locking gas caps have gone up. and then one new york times reporter tried imagining himself thin. when you repeatedly imagine eating a certain food, your craving for that food is reduced. for him it worked. he lost ten pounds. can others expect the same results. joining me now, a psychologist, wendy walsh. >> he was in paris most of the time and loves cheese and bread. >> who knows how he got away with that. wouldn't thinking about a certain food, wouldn't that want to make you you eat it more? >> the conventional wisdom has always been to put it out of your mind and don't think about it if you want it, but if you think about these things, you can ignite the neurotransmitter
9:46 am
dope amean. you can not just picture the food, but imagine chewing it and tasting it and swallowing it. the emotional experience of eating can be enough to satisfy you. >> you have to do it for quite an expensive number of times, because if you do it two or three times of imagining that food, that might make you want to eat it more? >> that's the thing. in the study, they took a small study group, in my opinion to generalize the population, and they said think about m&ms, and one had to imagine eating ten and one group three, and one group not eating any. and then the group that told them not to think about it ate the most. if you are trying to lose weight, any kind of cognitive process has to be consistent, daily, frequency as many tilmes as you can do it.
9:47 am
you have to do it consistently for a long period of time. >> do you think this was a fluke or is there substance here? >> in this country today, who would have thought one of the biggest health problems would have been over nutrition. obesity is linked to so many health issues. anything that you can try that might work for you is a good idea. >> what about the difference between the fact that this was a guy that was doing it? do you think it works for men and women equally? was that addressed in the study or not? >> they did not look at gender in the study. i don't know. he -- actually the new york times reporter was funny. he said, maybe five pounds overweight, but that's in heterosexual pounds, in homosexual pounds, i was like precious from that movie. who knows how he was thinking and imagining it. it could apply either way to either gender i think. >> maybe some of us will try it. thank you. >> thank you. and a new designer drug that
9:48 am
has become a hit in the streets. in a moment, see how "dateline"'s chris hanson catches up a dealer and how the dealer reacts. ♪ [ male announcer ] doctors have been saying it forever. let's take a look. but they've never actually been able to do it like this. let's take a look. v-scan from ge healthcare. a pocket sized imaging device that will help change the way doctors see patients. that's better health for more people. that will help change the way doctors see patients. after your dishcloth? bounty extra soft can help. in this lab test bounty extra soft leaves this surface three times cleaner than a dishcloth.
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super clean. super soft. bounty extra soft. in the pink pack.
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a white powdery substance that is packaged as bath salts is now illegal in new york, but as you might guess, the chemical is not the kind you use for a relaxing soak in the bathtub. bath salts is the street name of a popular designer drug. the small inexpensive packets of powder are meant to be snorted to produce a hallucinogenic high. until now the drug has been easy to buy sold on the internet or in convenience stores. the new ban takes effect immediately. and tonight "dateline" nbc goes undercover to explore the dangers of that deadly drug. "dateline" nbc's chris hansen has more on the growing use of bath salts in what doctors are calling a brand new epidemic. >> reporter: last october john moody of st. joseph, missouri got the call no father should ever get. his son jared had shot himself.
9:52 am
by the time john arrived at the hospital, his 29-year-old son had only minutes to live. >> i said a prayer to god, and i asked him, please, don't let him lay here and suffer. >> reporter: but his father says his son never spoke of killing himself. however, in the weeks before his death jared's father learned his son was exhibiting some disturbing behavior. he was hallucinating and talking to himself. >> i can't imagine how much of that bath salts he had been injecting over that week. >> reporter: bath salts. a new drug jared began using just weeks earlier. but bath salts is just a nickname. it has nothing to do with taking a bath, and it has no salt in it. and because it's so new, it is legal to sell and buy in most states. >> i'm seeing two or three cases of bath salt abuse on a daily
9:53 am
basis. >> reporter: william dempsey is an emergency room doctor in scranton, pennsylvania. >> i've never seen a drug progress from never heard of, never abused, and never seen in a period of three months to becoming an epidemic. >> reporter: so how easy is it to buy? >> these are bath salts. >> i heard about those, yeah. >> reporter: using a hidden camera, one of our producers went to this so-called head shop in new york city. >> 80 bucks? this little tiny thing? >> for $80. >> dude, they fly out the door. >> so what do you do, you snort them or you smoke them? >> yeah. >> yes, what? >> yeah, the first. >> yeah? >> reporter: and where do stores get the stuff? >> nice to meet you, man. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: from distributors like 24-year-old andrew freeman, who we met in minneapolis, minnesota. he makes his own brand of bath salts called bliss. >> how'd you come up with the name bliss?
9:54 am
>> just came up with it. >> reporter: one of our producers told freeman he was an investor interested in the bath salts business. >> is this your unique brew? >> yeah. >> yours personally? >> yeah. >> it's mdvp. >> but how do you know what to brew with it with? >> i'm a [ bleep ] chemist. i've been around long enough. >> we invited andrew over to talk business. this time i was there. soon he begins to realize who i am. >> do you have a card? >> do you have one in your briefcase? >> what? >> like i said, it's a bath salt. that's what they're sold as. and that's what it is. >> we both know kids are snorting it. >> i don't know that if they are. >> yeah, but i can't imagine kids are going into head shops and buying this to go home and take a bubble bath. >> i disagree. >> well, andrew, there's something you need to know.
9:55 am
>> what? chris hansen? >> yes. >> i was asking chris, couldn't he have figured that out sooner? anyway, be sure to catch chris hansen tonight on "dateline" at 7:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 central. unemployment lines across the country are growing shorter. but what can we expect to see a year from now? and. and as one presidential contender decides not to run another is trying to recover from a rough week hp how does newt gingrich recover from a series of hits to his image? duds
9:56 am
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right now on "msnbc sunday," selling the plan. president obama about to speak this hour to the nation's largest pro-israel lobby just days after announcing his controversial mideast peace plan. will he be able to ease tensions? deadly twister. another sweep of weather to the midwest and the plains all caught on tape. the gop 2012 field. another possible big name in the race decides what to do.
9:59 am
will he or won't he run? ♪ out on the edge with you ♪ judas ♪ judas we're going gaga. the pop star plays to an adoring crowd on "saturday night live." we're going to bring you all the highlights. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt, and welcome to "msnbc sunday" as we approach the top of the hour here, 10:00 a.m. on the east coast, 7 578 out west. and new this morning one gop leader is striking back at comments made by former speaker of the house newt gingrich. on last week's "meet the press" gingrich criticized congressman paul ryan's medicare proposal, calling it "too big a jump" and "right-wing social engineering." this morning congressman ryan responded. >> first of all, his quote was deeply inaccurate. it was a gross mischaracterization of the house republican budget plan. newt's acknowledged that. he's retracted it. and let's be clear what we're


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